Manforce High Condoms | Double Apple | 10n (Pack of 2)


Choose Manforce, India’s No.1 condom brand, known for its commitment to sexual health. With Manforce Double Apple Flavoured Condoms for men, you can indulge in long-lasting pleasure and intimacy. Enjoy safe sex, enhanced pleasure, and intimate moments with Manforce Condoms, the trusted choice for sensual satisfaction.

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Product Information

Indulge in an extraordinary experience of intimacy with Manforce High Double Apple Flavoured Condoms. They are designed to elevate your moments of passion to new heights. With a thinness of just 0.05mm, experience true intimacy as every touch and sensation is magnified, creating an unforgettable sensual experience.

These ISO-certified, high-quality green double apple condoms are designed to enhance pleasure while keeping you safe. The thin texture and extra lubrication maximise sensitivity, ensuring heightened sensations for you and your partner.

These condoms are crafted from non-toxic, body-safe materials, providing a comfortable and reliable fit. With discreet packaging, you can explore your desires with privacy and confidence.

Manforce condoms offer ultimate protection, preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Their durability and reliable performance make them a trusted choice for safe and pleasurable intimacy.


Ultra Thin Condoms

These double apple-flavoured condoms are so incredibly thin – just 0.05mm – that you simply cannot feel it. This further enhances your pleasure and gives you the most natural feel possible.

India’s No. 1* Condom Brand

Manforce Condoms, the No. 1* condom brand in the country, offers you a wide range of condoms with a variety of textures and flavours for you to choose from.

Completely Reliable

Each of Manforce’s Double Apple-flavoured condoms undergoes rigorous checks and is 100% electronically tested to offer maximum protection. Have no fear when Manforce is here!

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Each of our condoms are vegan, made from natural rubber latex and is ISO certified. Plus, they’re not tested on animals so they’re completely cruelty-free.

Discreet Packaging

No one’s going to know you’ve ordered Manforce’s green double apple condoms! We assure you of discreet packaging to ensure your condom parcels are delivered just like any other package. Nothing comes between you and the fun.



100 g


10 × 10 × 10 cm



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