Manforce Epic Love Case | Valentine gift box for couples


Manforce Epic Valentine box is exclusively put together for couples who want to have an exciting & fun experience

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The ultimate boost of pleasure

Our multi-flavour pack comes with ultra-thin and extra-dotted flavoured condoms that are designed to provide maximum pleasure and sensation. The dots on the surface of the condoms provide extra friction and stimulation, helping to increase arousal and enhance pleasure for both partners. Whether you’re looking to explore new sensations or simply want to add some excitement to your sex life, our flavoured condoms are the perfect choice.

Delicious Flavours

Our pack of 4 multi flavoured condoms comes in four delicious flavours: Fruit Punch in extra dotted with 1800 dots, Silk Chocolate in super thin with 0.05 mm so nothing comes in between, dotted Belgian Chocolate flavour with 396 enhanced dots and raspberry for a long-lasting fun session. Use these flavoured condoms to add a teasing and naughty twist to your intimate moments.

Safe and Reliable

Our condoms are made with high-quality, safe and reliable materials. Our flavoured condoms are designed to fit most sizes, ensuring that you can enjoy a comfortable and secure fit no matter what. Additionally, these scented condoms are lubricated to provide a smooth and comfortable experience.

Water Based Lubricant for Enhanced Pleasure

Manforce Epic Lube is a premium water based lubricant that takes intimate experiences to new heights. Specially formulated to provide long lasting lubrication, it ensures smooth and pleasurable encounters – a wonderfully intimate lube for your and your partner.

Long Lasting Lubrication and Non-Sticky Formula

Our water based lubricant offers a lasting glide without any sticky residue, allowing for uninterrupted intimacy and heightened sensations. The intimate lube provides the perfect slide, enhancing comfort and pleasure during intimate moments.

Safe for sensitive skin

Manforce Epic strawberry lube is dermatologically tested, ensuring it is safe for intimate use. This formula is gentle on the skin – making it the lube for sensitive skin, making it the best lubricant gel in India. Enjoy worry-free intimacy without any irritation or discomfort.



150 g


10 × 10 × 10 cm



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