Manforce Epic Desire Silk Chocolate Condoms Pack of 1 (10 N Condoms)


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Product Information

Epic in every way possible! Manforce brings to you our premium brand of super thin condoms with the added decadence of silky smooth chocolate flavour. Indulge in the best of the best with this Epic addition to make your intimate moments significantly more intimate. A thin condom that is so thin that it could be an invisible condom. Epic Super Thin Condom understands that there should be as little between you and your partner as possible! And India’s No. 1* Condom brand is here to deliver on that desire. Feel the skin to skin connect with the Epic safety of our snug condom that both protects and pleasures in equal measure. 

Take your passion to the greater heights with Epic’s delicious Chocolate Flavoured condom. Not only is it a skin like condom, it is a super thin condom with an indulgent silk chocolate flavour that feels like an invisible condom! It is never too late to indulge in the extravagance of a chocolate flavoured condom with both, a silky smooth flavour and texture. Let a tide of pleasure overtake you with the Epic Super Thin Condom, Silk Chocolate flavour. Bask in the knowledge that there’s premium protection of an invisible condom between you and your partner which feels weightless, like there’s nothing there at all!



200 g


18 × 10 × 8 cm



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Features of the Manforce Epic Desire Super Thin Condoms

So thin, it’s like an invisible condom!

As thin as 0.05 mm, an Epic Super Thin Condom is as good as being intimate with skin to skin contact but with the protection of our premium quality condom.

Decadent flavour

Going above and beyond is our specialty, as should be yours in the bedroom. Indulge in this terrific silk chocolate flavoured condom that has the softened silky smooth edge that frontlines our promise of premium quality!

Snug condom

Our super thin condom has a comfortably snug fit to enhance the feel good experience of intimacy that feels as close to natural as it can get. With a secure fit of 53mm +/- 2mm girth with a length of 180mm it is comfortable and convenient for most men.

Safety first, always!

Condoms when used correctly are a highly effective way of protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Our snug, thin condoms provide that natural ecstasy without compromising on safety standards. They’re lubricated to ease the worry of breakage and are ISO certified after a 100% electronic testing to provide that trustworthy protection that allows you to go guilt free. They may look like an invisible condom, but they are there for all things that matter!

Pleasure of the highest quality

The Manforce Epic super thin condoms contain no harsh chemicals and are nitrosamine free, which make them a safe choice for your body. They’re made from natural rubber latex to keep the running theme of comfort and safety going across all our sexual-wellbeing products - all the way from you to the environment.

Guilt free intimacy all the way!

A skin like condom which is vegan, cruelty free and reliable? Simply an epic way of enjoying intimacy!

Keeping private moments private

In addition to discreet packaging, the Epic Super Thin Condom comes with a disposable pouch for safe and convenient disposal of condoms. So it's an invisible condom right till the end!


*As per IQVIA Consumer Health Retail Audit Data MAT MARCH 2022