FURR Natural Hair Removal Cream -100gm | Removes Hair In 5 Minutes | Soothes Skin | Enriched With Vitamin E Turmeric, Honey, Jojoba Oil & Avocado | For Men and Women | Suitable For All Skin Types


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Product Information

Furr Hair Removal Cream is made with a simple formulation, easy to use, and an efficient alternative to shaving or even waxing. It’s here to help you regain and maintain your skin’s long-lasting smoothness. You can now get rid of unwanted hair in minutes. The cream is formulated with Vitamin E, natural oils, and extracts to keep your skin hydrated. A painless method for removing hair from areas where your razor cannot access, including your bikini line. Furr Hair Removal Cream is suitable for all skin types and contains soothing anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing properties, which aid in bringing out your skin’s natural glow. Will it darken my skin? Most hair removal creams use chemicals that ruin skin by leaving a mark or by darkening it. Furr’s formulation includes natural ingredients and turmeric which helps keep the skin’s glow intact.



500 g


10 × 10 × 10 cm



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Wunderhommz Inc.

How to Use

#Squeeze the cream out.
#Using a spatula, spread evenly.
#Set it aside for 5 minutes.
#Using the spatula, scrape it off.
#Rinse it thoroughly.