Durex Playthings Positions of Play Card Game for Couples

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Defy the laws of physics (and chemistry) with “Positions of Play” – the card game that brings a new position every week to your intimate encounters. With 52 exciting cards with three levels of intensity, get ready to flex your stuff and explore a whole lot of each other. These positions aren’t child’s play, so bring your enthusiasm and get ready for wild adventures!

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Product Information

Who this is for?

Positions of Play is perfect for couples of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been together for years, Positions Of Play is a great way to add some spice to your relationship.

What do you get?

Positions of Play brings you a deck of 52 position cards for 52 weeks of exploration and adventure.

These cards are divided into three levels of intensity, Level 1: Find your Groove, Level 2: Get Adventurous, and Level 3: Flex your stuff.

When to play?

A game for weekly adventures, discover a new position every week to keep the excitement alive. Make your date nights even more intimate and steamy as you explore each other a little more with these playful positions. Just pick up the deck of Positions of Play whenever you are craving a tempting twist in the bedroom.

Why Positions of Play?

With 52 positions to explore, you’ll never run out of ideas for passionate encounters. Embrace the thrill of trying new moves and uncovering new pleasures together. The game encourages open communication, trust, and exploration, bringing you and your partner closer.

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1. What is Positions of Play?

Positions of Play is a rousing card game that offers 52 unique positions to explore in the bedroom. With three levels of intensity - Find your Groove, Get Adventurous, and Flex Your Stuff - it's designed to spice up your intimate moments week after week.

2. How do you play Positions of Play?

To play Positions of Play, sit across from your partner and pick a safe word to ensure open communication. Choose a position card based on the intensity level you both agree on, whether it's an easy one or a more challenging move. Or just say a number out loud together with your partner, pick the corresponding position card when you both land on the same number together. Then, follow the "how" (Move) instructions on

3. Are the positions suitable for all couples?

Positions of Play is designed to cater to different comfort levels and experiences. With positions ranging from introductory to more adventurous, it provides a diverse selection to suit various couples' preferences.

4. Can I use a safe word during the game?

We always recommend using a safe word, such as "Pikachu" is a fantastic way to establish trust and ensure that both partners feel comfortable and respected during the game. Feel free to use it if you need to pause or communicate a desire to try something different.

5. How do we choose the intensity level of the positions?

Positions of Play offers three intensity levels - Level 1: Find your Groove, Level 2: Get Adventurous, and Level 3: Flex Your Stuff. Discuss with your partner and mutually decide on the level that excites you both for a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

6. Are the positions suitable for all body types and abilities?

Yes, Positions of Play embraces the diversity of body types and abilities. The positions are designed to be inclusive and adaptable to suit individual comfort and physicality.

7. Can I reuse the position cards?

Of Course yes! The position cards in Positions of Play are meant to be reusable, allowing you to revisit your favorite positions and experiment with new ones over time.

8. Are there any age restrictions for playing Positions of Play?

Positions of Play is intended for adults aged 21 years and above, as it involves exploring intimate and mature themes.

9. Is Positions of Play suitable for beginners in exploring new positions?

Yes, Positions of Play is perfect for beginners looking to add variety and excitement to their intimate experiences. The game offers an easy and playful way to try new positions and enhance your connection with your partner.

10. Is the packaging and delivery of Positions of Play Discreet?

Yes, absolutely! At CrazyD, we prioritize your privacy and discretion. Bites & Kisses is packaged in a completely discreet manner, with no external markings on labels that reveal the contents inside. Rest assured that the packaging will not disclose any details about the game. Even the delivery person will not know about the contents of the package.