Durex Playthings Lovecation Playkit


Amp up your getaways with a touch of romance. Introducing the all-new Durex Lovecation Playkit to warm up your nights and add thrill to your vacations with your partner. This thoughtfully curated box is your passport to a thrilling journey of intimacy, designed to turn your vacations into unforgettable lovecations.

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Product Information

What makes Lovecation irresistible?

Experience love in different dimensions with our Lovecation Playkit. Whether you’re seeking to reignite the spark of passion in your long-term relationship, exploring newfound intimacy as newlyweds, celebrating your honeymoon in style, or simply ready to get on a journey of adventure and exploration with your partner, Lovecation is here to transform your romantic getaways into something truly passionate.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Durex Nights of Passion Playbook: Your guide to taking your lovemaking to new and exciting heights.
  2. Durex Real Feel Condoms: A sensation of natural skin-on-skin intimacy, it’s not a condom, it’s Real Feel.
  3. Durex Extra Time Condoms: Extend the pleasure and savour long-lasting intimacy.
  4. Durex Invisible Condoms: Feel everything and more with India’s thinnest condoms. It’s so thin, that it feels like it’s not even there.
  5. Durex Extra Thin Strawberry Flavoured Condoms: Fun with flavours with the touch of wild strawberries for wild nights.
  6. Durex Intense Vibe Ring: Exhilarating sensations to give pure, pulsating pleasure for you and your partner
  7. Durex Mutual Climax Condoms: Come together to enjoy synced sensations. Ribbed and dotted texture speeds her up, and Performa Lubricant slows him down.
  8. Durex Intense Condoms: Experience thrilling intensity like never before and keep it intense.
  9. Intense Tingling Lube: Slide into the excitement of cool tingling sensations and a world of excitement.
  10. Durex Playthings O! Snap Card Game: A game that will make you express your wildest your desires, live your fantasies and indulge in passionate nights.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re seeking to experiment and add some sizzle to your nights or begin a new chapter of closeness, this playkit is your ideal choice to make your Nights of Passion come alive. 

Durex Lovecation Playkit is perfect for:

  • Couples looking to rekindle the spark.
  • Newlyweds wanting to explore and connect.
  • Honeymooners seeking unforgettable memories.
  • Adventurous partners ready to explore new levels of pleasure

Why Lovecation is a game-changer?

Lovecation Playkit is your all-inclusive ticket to an unparalleled world of passion and romance. With a carefully curated selection of essential intimacy products and a touch of playful surprises, it elevates your intimate moments to unforgettable experiences and warm up your nights.

Durex Playthings Lovecation Playkit includes: Durex Playthings Nights of Passion Playbook, Durex Real Feel Condoms (Pack of 3), Durex Extra Time Condoms (Pack of 3), Durex Mutual Climax Condoms (Pack of 3), Durex Invisible Condoms (Pack of 3), Durex Intense Condoms (Pack of 3), 1 Unit of Durex Strawberry Flavoured Lube, Durex Intense Vibe Ring, Durex Intense Tingling Lube, Durex Playthings O! Snap Card Game for Couples



300 g


18 × 10 × 8 cm



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What is the Durex Playthings Lovecation Playkit?

The Durex Lovecation Playkit is a curated collection of handpicked Durex products designed to enhance intimacy and passion during romantic getaways and your special moments of togetherness.

What does the Lovecation Playkit include?

The playkit includes the Durex Nights of Passion Playbook, Durex Real Feel Condoms, Durex Extra Time Condoms, Durex Invisible Condoms, Durex Extra Thin Strawberry Flavoured Condoms, Durex Intense Vibe Ring, Durex Mutual Climax Condoms, Durex Intense Condoms, Intense Tingling Lube, and Durex Playthings O Snap Card Game for couples.

Who is the Lovecation Playkit intended for?

The Lovecation Playkit is perfect for anyone who wants to rekindle their passion, newlyweds aiming to deepen their connection, honeymooners seeking unforgettable experiences, and adventurous partners ready to explore new dimensions of pleasure. Lovecation Playkit is designed to add the flavour of love and passion to your vacations.

How can the Durex Nights of Passion Playbook help us?

The playbook is a guide to discovering new ways to play and how you bring alive the wildest nights with the Durex products inside the box. It is your queue to live endless nights of passion and bring your secret desires to life.

What is the Durex Intense Vibe Ring?

The Intense Vibe Ring is a stimulating accessory designed to heighten pleasure for both partners during intimate moments. Read the leaflet inside the product for more information about how to use and make the most of it.

How can I purchase the Lovecation Playkit?

You can purchase the playkit exclusively online through Crazy D website. Simply add it to your cart, complete your purchase, and it will be delivered discreetly to your selected address.

Is there an age restriction for purchasing the Lovecation Playkit?

Yes, you must be of the age of 21+ to purchase intimate products. Please check your local laws and regulations for age restrictions.

Is the packaging discreet for delivery?

Yes, we understand the need for privacy. The playkit is delivered in a discreet and unmarked package with no mention of the products or the brand name to ensure your purchase remains confidential.

Can I return or exchange the Lovecation Playkit?

For any such queries, please contact our customer service for assistance.