Durex Intensegasm Play Kit


Experience the unforgettable with the Durex Intensegasm Play Kit. Unlock a world of pleasure and exhilarating climaxes for you and your partner. Embark on an Intense Quest, discovering each other’s bodies, indulging in pleasure spots, and unleashing your deepest desires. Get ready for a journey like no other.

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The Intensegasm Playkit Includes: Intense Quest Couple Game + Durex Intense Pack of 10 Condoms + Intense Tingling Lube + Intense Vibe Ring + Dice + Positions to Bookmark Playcards + Intensegasm Guide + Intensegasm Spotify Playlist

Indulge in an unforgettable experience with the Durex Intensegasm Play Kit. This Play Kit offers a world of pleasure and intense climaxes that await you and your partner. Hop on an Intense Quest of exploring each other’s bodies, leading to your pleasure spots, and commanding to fulfill your deepest desires.

With the Durex Intensegasm Play Kit, you can enjoy hours of back-arching, toe-curling bedroom thrills. Let your senses run wild as you bask in the adventures of a sensorial extravaganza all night long (or day). The Play Kit comes equipped with everything you need to make your intimate moments more intense and satisfying. Discover a world of new sensations that will leave you both wanting more.



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18 × 10 × 8 cm



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What’s inside the Intensegasm Play Kit?

The Intensegasm Play Kit includes selected products designed to enhance pleasure and intimacy. A brand new game of Intense Quest to take you and your partner on a trip to explore each other's bodies. Intense Tingling Lube, Intense Condoms, Intense Vibe Ring, a set of position cards and a Spotify Playlist to set your mood for Intensegasms.

How can the Intensegasm Play Kit enhance my intimate experiences?

The Play Kit is curated to intensify pleasure and create unforgettable moments of connection. From exploring erogenous zones to adding thrilling sensations, each component is chosen thoughtfully to enhance foreplay and elevate the overall pleasure during intimate encounters.

What is the Intense Quest Game?

The Intense Quest Game is a sensual adventure designed to ignite passion and explore intimate pleasure between partners. It features two boards representing the erogenous zones of Him and Her, along with pawns and touch-revealing dice.

Is the Intense Tingling lube safe to use?

Yes, the Intense Tingling lube is designed with safety as a top priority. It is uniquely formulated to give you tingling sensations. It is compatible to use with Intense Vibe Ring and Durex Condoms. It helps ease vaginal dryness and is safe to use on the body and intimate areas.

How does the Intense vibe ring work?

The Durex Intense Ring is a mutual pleasure-enhancing ring for better sex. It is an elastic ring to place on the base of a penis leading to clitoral stimulation for her and enhanced erection for him. Take the ring out of the package, slide it to the base of the penis, tap the Durex button to turn on vibrations and enjoy sensual vibrations. While using a condom, first put the condom on and then slide the ring.

Are Intense condoms different from regular condoms?

Yes, Durex Intense condoms are perfect for when you want to provide some additional stimulation and stimulation for her. The ribbed and dotted texture offers extra sensations. Intense condoms are pre-lubed with delightful Desirex gel, which gives a warming, cooling or tingling sensation and can provide her even more pleasure.

What are the position cards used for?

The position cards included in the Play Kit are a fun and adventurous way to explore different sexual positions. They provide inspiration and guidance, helping couples discover new ways to pleasure each other and create sensational orgasms.

Can I purchase the Intensegasm Play Kit discreetly?

Yes, we understand the importance of privacy. When you order the Intensegasm Play Kit, it will be packaged discreetly, without revealing its contents. Your privacy and satisfaction are our top priorities.