Aashirvaad Organic Tur/Arhar Dal 1kg


AASHIRVAAD Nature’s Super Foods Organic Tur Dal is one in a range of diverse and authentic foods such as Organic Moong Dal, Organic Chana Dal, Organic Urad Dal and more. These products have been verified and approved by leading organic products bodies from India and abroad such as USDA Organic, Jaivik Bharat, IndoCert and India Organic. Going organic with AASHIRVAAD Nature’s Super Foods Organic Arhar Dal is one step forward towards a sustainable way of life. Delivering a product that enhances the taste and nutrition of your daily meals is a promise that AASHIRVAAD fulfils every single time.

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Product Information

  • Main Ingredients: AASHIRVAAD Nature’s Super Foods Organic Tur Dal is 100% organic, and sourced directly from farmers across India. The product is certified organic, and bears ‘The Organic Badge’ that vouches for its authenticity and high quality.
  • Suitable For: Organic and natural foods are highly sustainable, which is a promise consistently fulfilled by AASHIRVAAD Nature’s Super Foods Organic products. This is a highly suitable product for all Indian households that greatly value organic foods that are nutritionally dense. AASHIRVAAD Nature’s Super Foods Organic Tur Dal is a source of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and selenium*. It is also rich in protein and dietary fibre giving your family a wholesome combination of great taste and nourishment.
  • Usage: Arhar Dal, which is also known as Tur Dal or Pigeon Peas, is a staple food throughout the country. It is used to make delicacies such as Dal Tadka, Dal Fry, Rasam and Sambar. AASHIRVAAD Nature’s Super Foods Organic Tur Dal can also be combined with leafy green vegetables to create more nourishing foods such as Palak Dal, Methi Dal and many other delicious foods.
  • Quantity: This pack of AASHIRVAAD Nature’s Super Foods Organic Tur Dal weighs 1kg. This quantity is sufficient for a small Indian family to enjoy wholesome and tasty homemade foods.



1000 g


18 × 10 × 8 cm

Country of Origin



ITC Ltd. Kolkata



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