Aashirvaad Chilli Powder – 100g


AASHIRVAAD Chilli Powder is a high quality product that contains no added flavours, and no addedcolours. It is made by grounding crisp, sun-dried red chillies to produce an authentic red chilli powder. AASHIRVAAD Chilli Powder provides your dish with the right balance of colour and taste.

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Product Information

  • Main Ingredients: Carefully selected and sourced dry red chillies are thoroughly cleaned and ground up to make AASHIRVAAD Chilli Powder. It is a natural product with no added colours, or flavours.
  • Suitable For: AASHIRVAAD Chilli Powder is an ideal spice for all kinds of culinary applications for home cooking, restaurants, and other kitchens. It has the perfect balance of colour and taste to make food look tempting and taste delicious.
  • Usage: This AASHIRVAAD chilli powder can be used to add spice to all kinds of food such as curries, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, snacks, and more. AASHIRVAAD Chilli Powder is a pure and natural product prepared with nothing but whole red chillies. It is a trusted ingredient that enhances the wholesomeness of your homemade cooking.
  • Quantity: This pack of AASHIRVAAD Chilli Powder weighs 100g. The quantity is suitable for a small family and can be used for your daily cooking needs.

Red Chilli Powder is one of the most commonly used spices in Indian food-making. It can be found in kitchens across the country, and each region uses the spice to add spice, colour, and a zest to their food. AASHIRVAAD Chilli Powder achieves its purity, and perfectly balanced colour and taste by sourcing the red chillies directly from the farmers. They are carefully selected by experts to their quality and are ground up using a traditional process.



100 g


18 × 10 × 8 cm



Country of Origin



ITC Ltd. Kolkata

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